I’m a freelance writer and editor. I’ve written for publications including GLAMOUR, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Dazed, Broadly, Refinery29, BBC Three, Boots Health & Beauty, Red and Evening Standard.

I started my career as Features Intern at Red, and was most recently Features Editor at GLAMOUR. I’ve also been Junior Commissioning Editor on the ‘Inspire’ supplement at the Daily Mail and Features Writer at Time Inc.

During my time as a freelance journalist, I’ve written many first-person pieces, from mending a broken heart to attempting every type of female orgasm (the two were not linked). I also write many real-life pieces, so am used to conducting extremely sensitive but thorough case study interviews.

As well as person-led pieces, I also write about women’s rights, mental health, work and money, love and relationships. I’ve also conducted some celebrity interviews in my time. Basically, I can turn my hand to just about anything because I love to write. You can view some selected cuts here.

You’ll regularly find me on Red’s website compiling fashion and beauty content. I chat about everything from how to wear sheer fabrics without feeling starkas, to the best moisture-rich products for when your skin is basically falling off. Oh, and alcohol. I talk about that, too.

My debut novel, Almost Adults, will be published on 8th August 2019 by Ebury Press.

I also take on commercial projects (most recently for NOW TV and Hearst Commercial Studio) and in-house subbing shifts (most recently at the BBC). If you would like to discuss sub-editing or advertorial opportunities, just drop me an email.


Photography by Jade Keshia Gordon.