Cover illustrated by  Bodil Jane

Cover illustrated by Bodil Jane


My debut novel, Almost Adults, is out this year!

It’s published by Ebury Press at Penguin Random House and is out on 8th August.

Almost Adults is about four twenty-something women navigating the world of adulthood. Not the ‘18-year-old learning to do their laundry for the first time’ kind of adulthood, but the painful, sh*tty, funny, downright messy type of adulthood later in life that even your mother couldn’t prepare you for.

It’s a book about loss and heartbreak and mental health, but it’s also a celebration of one of the most powerful kinds of love there is: female friendship. I wanted a different kind of protagonist; a realistic, relatable, no-holds-barred heroine. So I wrote about four of them. I hope you love them just as much as I do.

It’s also supposed to be quite funny.

You can read more in the official announcement from The Bookseller.